How to use effective advertising to grow your business

Steps you need to take when placing an advertisement  so that your readers would response to them which is going to grow your business exponentially.

Bold headline

Your ad or sales letter should always have a bold headline that differentiates it from your text and which arouses interest and attracts attention. The beginning of your of your presentation is crucial because if you fail to hold them for a moment, you have lost them.

Powerful offer

In other to use effective advertising to grow your business, you must cut through the fog that ‘s going in the minds of your clients by using  powerful offer .It is important to remember that your customers and prospects are being bombarded every day with so much information that their brains have nearly seized, allowing almost nothing to go through. Information overload and scepticism from being exposed too far too much advertising have built powerful barrier in your client’s mind.

In today’s market place prospects and clients are saturated with advertising material. Television, radio, magazines, newspapers, Internet, billboards, movie theatres, grocery stores and many other sources bombard them on a daily basis than they can possibly absorb

This calls for a drastic measures because they have become numb to advertising. You need the equivalent marking grenade to blow through this barrier, the right tool to do this for you is an extremely powerful offer to get them to try what your offers are and the best way to cut through this barrier is to make them an offer that is so compelling and so believable that will stop them in their tracks

The object of this entire process is to come up with an offer that is so exciting that few people who have a mild interest in the topic could not resist reading my promotional piece.

Problem/Pain Remember

One of the key components of a powerful offer is immense promise? In order for your advertisement to be effective and seen by your clients, you have to use pain or an uncomfortable situation to describe why they need your product or services. You what to be different to anyone in the market place can imagine,  there’s always an element of pain you can use to strengthen your sales argument.

I am not asking you to manufacture pain for them, the fact is that they already feel pain of some sort, all you are doing is to remind them of their existing pain and by letting your prospects to look at their problems, you are making them to lose sleep at night and worry how they are going to solve it.

If you can convince your prospects to see the pain they are going through and demonstrate to them your ability to cure their pain, you have guaranteed yourself    an automatic sale

Benefit list

Benefits are what sell any product or service, you have to show your prospects or clients what is in it for them, and you have to show them clearly and precisely. You have to elaborate on how much easier your product will make their life. How much they will gain, what they will regain or keep from losing, how much better off they are going to be with your products or services than without it.

Limited Offer

You have to tell them to act now because of the scarcity of your products and give them the dates in which they have to act before of the scarcity of your goods, by so doing, you are creating an effective advertising.

Scarcity is the key element in the maximum profit model, as with everything else in market, it is vital the scarcity that you present is actual because if it is not believable, it may work against you. You use scarcity to overcome the final hurdle in their buying process.

Many prospects will put off buying until later, they will set your sales piece aside planning to return to it later, maybe they want a little more time to think about it or maybe they want to show it to someone else.

The problem is that later, rarely comes for most prospects. Once they put your sales letter aside that is it. It is as good as dead. Even with the best of intentions few prospects ever get back to your sales piece.

So you want to grab them right now. You can’t wait and you can’t give them the opportunity to delay. To make as many sales as possible, it is imperative that you motivate your prospect order right now while they have your sales piece in their hands

A good scarcity method to use that will make them to order from you is to tell them that if they order in the next 7 days, they will get so and so as a bonus. You have a better chance of them ordering from you when you give them time a deadline than leaving it up to them to order from you whenever they deem fit.


It is important the you mention your price in your advertisement especially in your sales letter otherwise how would your clients know how much your products are, don’t wait for them to call you first before you can tell them how much your products costs because if you do that you are not making their process easy which means that there’s a good chance that you may lose the buyer.


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