How to Grow your Business Through Developing your Staff

Recruitment, motivation and training are the key word for getting your staff members to work in your business as if its theirs because without getting their mindset to change form being an employee to a business owner, you will get their maximum performance.

Virtually, you have to make them feel comfortable with your company, you have to go out of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur to be their friend, their colleague and their leader, you have to see them as individuals with different needs, as your inbound customers because these people are the ones who are going to make you rich.

There Are Three Ways To Grow Your Staff.

  1. Recruitment.. Employing the best staff and pay them equal to their abilities and expertise will save you money in the long run instead of recruiting a cheap candidate, you have to have the right minded people to interface with your customers as I said most of them are the first contact to your organization and if they don’t know their product, are arrogant, doesn’t have telephone manner, doesn’t know that businesses exist because they are there to serve the customers. Hire the best and cry only once because if that person can deliver value to your customers, you are bound to recoup your investment sooner than later.
  2. Motivation. Every body needs motivation including your staff, you do you get them to give you 100 percent effort when you don’t motivate them, when them feel like part of your company, Motivate your staff by appreciating their contribution to the company, by giving them bonuses, incentives for their hard work. Surprise them with gifts, have a picnic, take them out for an event where everybody brings their family or spouse so that they all can see how care about them, even a little than you card will make a difference to the way they see you and your company.See your employees as you extended family and customers and make them to see you in that fashion as well. Issue them shares in the company if you have any to appreciate their contribution to the organization. It is also important that you have things like recognition day to celebrate thing like birthdays, achievement day to celebrate how many years an employee has being with the company. Can you see that if you start doing these things, your staff will be working harder for you without you knowing, that extra effort could generate thousands of dollars in sales
  3. Training. Train your staff on daily, weekly or monthly basis on new innovation, new product, new standard of work or new marketing strategies to you came across to Boast sales. It is also very important that each staff understands that of one there Primary function is to serve and add value to their customers so that they can have a Repeat business. They should know how to be loyal to their customers so that they Will be seen as reliable and honest people to do business with. There’s no point that only you understand that serving customers needs to their satisfaction is the only reason why your company survives without educating your workforce to share your thoughts and feelings.As you train your staff, it will become easier for you to delegate to duties around the place instead of you trying to do everything by yourself. Don’t think that they are not as good as you are because repetition is the mother of invention, meaning that as they do those functions on a daily basis after a while they will become as good as you if not better than you.

    When they are all trained and have your mindset and your entrepreneur philosophy, it become easier for you to work on your business and in your business because you have capable hands who can run your business without you. It should be then more possible for you to concentrate on how to use marketing strategies to lure clients from buying from you and this is why your 60 % effort should be geared towards building your business and not sitting in your office or store waiting for customers to come in.

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