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How to get Free Publicity for your Business

Would you like to expand the volume of your business? You can let thousands of people know about your service, your store, or your new products without paying a penny. Whether you want to make more sales, or get an offer on television, you can broaden the scope of your clients by free publicity.

You don’t have to climb a flagpole or hire a dancing bear to attract attention and sales. In fact, with just a telephone and follow up letters and flyers, you can be making much more money than you are. (more…)

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How to Grow your Business Through Developing your Staff

Recruitment, motivation and training are the key word for getting your staff members to work in your business as if its theirs because without getting their mindset to change form being an employee to a business owner, you will get their maximum performance.

Virtually, you have to make them feel comfortable with your company, you have to go out of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur to be their friend, their colleague and their leader, you have to see them as individuals with different needs, as your inbound customers because these people are the ones who are going to make you rich. (more…)

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