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Free Special Report – Secrets to Direct Marketing Success

A Little-Known Secret Formula Crucial to Your Direct Marketing Success.

Here’s a few little secrets to help make all of your direct response marketing pieces much more successful.

The first big step is…

Decide what you want people to buy – then ask them to buy it! The trick is you have to tell people what to buy. It’s usually not enough in direct response marketing to just tell people what you have for sale. This is especially true if you offer many different products or services.

To implement this technique into your own marketing pieces here’s what you would do…

First, choose what you want people to buy. Choose ONE product or service. Not 2 or 3, or 10, but ONLY ONE.(Hint: If you offer product catalogs pick out one main product and make it your “featured” product. Center all of your advertising around that one product. Include it in your letter and your special offers. OR Better yet… create a entirely new sales piece for that one product using the formula below and only send your catalog out to the buyers of that product as a backend offer!)

Second, tell your prospective customer all of the wonderful benefits your particular product or service has to offer them. This part is important… it’s the meat and potatoes of your sales letter. Try and list the benefits in order of importance to the customer. Use bulleted lists to make your benefits really stand out.

Third, offer your customers a money-back guarantee. Make your guarantee strong! The stronger the guarantee the better.Offer the strongest, most powerful money-back guarantee you can dream up. Pack it full with “no-risk consumer safeguards” that lets your potential customer know there is no way they can lose by trying your product. Let me show you what I mean… here is the guarantee I use for the “Internet Marketing Vault Lifetime Memberships”:

That’s right… apply some (or all) of the ideas and secret techniques revealed to you for ONE YEAR. If within that time you don’t easily make back your small investment, simply request a refund and I’ll send you all your money back. If for ANY reason within the next year you decide you didn’t get your money’s worth then I have to INSIST you accept a full refund — no questions asked. If you’re not completely thrilled, I don’t want your money. It’s that simple.

Of course this isn’t possible with ALL things, but you WILL lose a very large percentage of potential customers by NOT offering them at least some kind of a money-back guarantee. With that kind of negative response your direct mail piece is doomed to failure!

Fourth, give your customer a reason to order NOW! Include valuable free bonuses or a special reduction in price for ordering by a specific date – or BOTH! Make your offer sound urgent. Use words like “Limited time offer”, “This special reduced price is only good through…”, “Hurry, act now and receive these free bonuses”, “Be one of the first 100 people to order and receive xxx free!”, etc.

Fifth, and most importantly… ASK FOR THE ORDER! Make sure you tell your customer all the ways they can order and walk them through the ordering process step-by-step. You can NEVER be too specific when giving a customer instructions on how to order. Say something like…

“It’s easy to order. We accept all major credit cards and personal checks. To place your order all you have to do is pick up your phone, dial our 1-800 number, and tell the operator exactly what you would like to purchase.”

Or how about this…”Now that you’re ready to order, sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. Now pick up your phone and dial or 1-800 number, tell the operator what you would like to purchase, and your done.” Well, you get the idea anyway… just be creative.

Ignore these ‘secrets’ and your sales will suffer.

Chris Utah is a Business Consultant that helps Business Owners and Managers to overcome their cash-flow problem, if you need more Free Business Report to grow your business, visit


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How to use effective advertising to grow your business

Steps you need to take when placing an advertisement  so that your readers would response to them which is going to grow your business exponentially.

Bold headline

Your ad or sales letter should always have a bold headline that differentiates it from your text and which arouses interest and attracts attention. The beginning of your of your presentation is crucial because if you fail to hold them for a moment, you have lost them.

Powerful offer

In other to use effective advertising to grow your business, you must cut through the fog that ‘s going in the minds of your clients by using¬† powerful offer .It is important to remember that your customers and prospects are being bombarded every day with so much information that their brains have nearly seized, allowing almost nothing to go through. Information overload and scepticism from being exposed too far too much advertising have built powerful barrier in your client’s mind. (more…)

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How to get Free Publicity for your Business

Would you like to expand the volume of your business? You can let thousands of people know about your service, your store, or your new products without paying a penny. Whether you want to make more sales, or get an offer on television, you can broaden the scope of your clients by free publicity.

You don’t have to climb a flagpole or hire a dancing bear to attract attention and sales. In fact, with just a telephone and follow up letters and flyers, you can be making much more money than you are. (more…)

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How to Grow your Business Through Developing your Staff

Recruitment, motivation and training are the key word for getting your staff members to work in your business as if its theirs because without getting their mindset to change form being an employee to a business owner, you will get their maximum performance.

Virtually, you have to make them feel comfortable with your company, you have to go out of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur to be their friend, their colleague and their leader, you have to see them as individuals with different needs, as your inbound customers because these people are the ones who are going to make you rich. (more…)

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